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Actually every fisherman in germany mustn´t release the fish!
Legal close seasons and minimum size force us to release less-massive or preserved fish. Beyond this, it is very important for an ecological balanced body of water that not preserved, but rare species are released after the catch. Also the release of large fish is extremely important since they provide spawn with best genetic code. To conserve the fish stock, big fish should only be removed in limited number or be released completely.

In the opinion of the Catch-Release Team a dutiful and modern fisherman should make his own (C&R or not) decision. With our public relations, according to the motto “Inform instead of disabuse”, we would like to provide important arguments and suggestions on the reasonable release. Scientific papers and reports written by experienced fishermen help us to substantiate the correct handling of fish.

Other countries in Europe and Oversea show us how a change in fishing mentality helps the fish stock. There the “selective harvest” is successfully practiced since years. Not only the local fishermen and their next generation who will be able to catch fish in the coming centuries profit by this change, but also the local fishing industry and the tourism. This success should give Germany a good example!

At this point we would like to emphasize that the interest group Catch-Release does not stand for the strict release of all fish but for:
- a reasonable/selective harvest
- a dutiful and respectful handling of the caught fish
- reasonable minimum sizes and adapted close times
- as well as all procedures which achieve an improvement for the fish

Enjoy reading and do not forget: We hope for your support!
Team Catch-Release

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